Commercial Drain Cleaning Done Right

Slow, Clogged, and Otherwise Problematic Drains Will Only Become Worse Over Time. At Northeast Services, We Ensure A Completely Clear Drain for Lasting Drain Effectiveness

There are many reasons drains can become clogged or otherwise fall below an acceptable level of performance. When this happens, it’s easier for contaminants to build up in the drain system. Over time, this leads to slower and slower drain speeds until the drain slows to a trickle. This buildup is less than ideal, and you should give us a call as soon as you notice a drain is not performing optimally. Our services are designed to completely clear drains and restore their original capabilities. We use a variety of methods to address clogged drains properly, not simply kick the issue down the road until it becomes clogged again.

Commercial Drain Cleaning Services Overview

Snaking / Cabling

Snaking, or cabling, is a commercial drain cleaning method designed specifically to loosen and remove blockages from drains. This process involves a long metal cable {snake} and sending it down the drain until it reaches a clog. The end attachment is then rotated to break up and free the clog, allowing it to be removed or flushed away. Drain snaking services are excellent at treating minor blockages and soft obstructions. Drain contaminants such as food scraps, grease, and hair are often removed easily through snaking. This method is less effective with deep or heavy clogs.

Video Pipe Inspection

Video pipe inspection is a method used to closely examine the condition of pipes as well as diagnose issues deep within a commercial building’s plumbing system. We use a flexible cable with a high-resolution camera attached at the end and send it into the drain system. Northeast Services uses video pipe inspection to help diagnose drain problems, perform preventative maintenance/inspections, and investigate chronic blockages. This service is excellent at confirming or ruling out the need for more costly pipe repair jobs before any ground is broken.

High-Pressure Water Jetting

High-pressure water Jetting, or hydro-jetting is a method used to clear a variety of blockages when snaking isn’t suitable for the task. The hydro-jetting process uses a high-pressure water stream to break clogs and contaminants free from the interior walls of pipes. It’s excellent at clearing out severe blockages and is more effective than snaking on larger-diameter pipes. Hydro-jetting thoroughly removes debris buildup and provides a complete clean slate for pipework. Commercial restaurants and kitchens rely on this method regularly as part of a good preventative maintenance regimen.


Over time, mineral and grease buildup can lead to clogs and slow-draining pipes. The descaling process removes the buildup on pipe walls and restores a like-new drain. Pipe descaling is generally done via mechanical means. Depending on the age, type, and severity of buildup, we can advise on the best descaling method for your pipes.

Commercial Drain Cleaning Service Area

We proudly provide services across Eastern Mass, including Springfield, Northern Rhode Island, and Southeastern NH along 93 and 95.